Billie Eilish's Most Iconic Shoes!

Pop Icon Billie Eilish has captivated us all with her expressive music and hypnotic style. She gives us a fresh take on fashion with a loud energetic over-sized style that focuses on color, prints and expressing herself artistically. While we absolutely idolize her clothing, another style element we are obsessin over is her lively footwear! These are a few of our favorite iconic Billie Eilish shoe styles.
Monochromatic mayhem takes a new form in Billie's full body neon outfits. The finishing piece to her head to toe highlighter ensemble is her killer kicks!
Some of her signature neon colors include lime, yellow and orange!
Another one of Billie Eilish's go to footwear styles are the blinged out kicks. These sleek sneakers feature elastic straps lined with large eye-catching jewels that will grab everyone's attention.

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