5 Ways to Keep Your Cool During Self Isolation

Living in Self-Isolation and practicing Social Distancing has completely shifted our daily lives. For many of us it's got us feeling a series of different emotions and focusing on all the things we're unable do. At first glance this can seem like a real bummer, but let's take a different approach. Instead of thinking about everything we can't do let's focus on the positive. What are some of the different ways we can still connect? Does this situation present some new opportunities? What types of activities can we do to fill our day? Here are 5 Ways to Help You Keep Your Cool During Self-Isolation.


1) Get Up & Get Ready

You're just at home, why does it matter if you get ready right? Isn't that just a waste of makeup and clean clothes? Sure this may sound right, but the truth is when we get ready and go through our normal routine we put ourself in a more productive mindset. So if you notice you've been feeling a little blah lately try putting on a little makeup and swappin' out those pjs for a cute outfit.


2) Move That Body

That couch is lookin extra good right now, but don't forget to incorporate some exercise into your week. Try browsing online for in home workouts or you can even hop on social media where lots of professional instructors are leading live workout classes you can follow along with.


3) Video Chat with Your Squad

We know you're desperately wanting to hang with your crew in person, but in the meantime you can always connect digitally. Now is a great time for a one on one chats or you can use other platforms to have group chats.


4) Get Creative

Make use of all this extra time you have and get creative! Make something, learn a new skill or improve the skills you already have. Here are just a few ideas: Crafting, Painting, Baking, DIYs, Writing, Reading, Photography etc. The options are limitless with this. Try to think of things you always wanted to do but didn't have the time. Crank this up a notch and bring in your fam to do it with you or video chat while doing it with a friend.


5) Watch Your Favorite Celeb Live

Since celebs are stuck at home just like the rest of us many of them have been going live on social media. Not only is this super entertaining, it will make you feel connected to them in a way like never before. It's very raw and you'll feel just like you hungout with your favorite celeb.


We hope our list inspires you to give some of these things a try and perhaps even come up with some ideas of your own! So go on, have fun with trying these alternative ways of connecting with others and start thinking of fun creative ways to fill your time! Don't worry babe, you got this! ;)


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