A Guide to Women's Thigh High Boots Styles

The best part of thigh high boots is that they are transitional pieces that can carry you from the warm season into cooler months of fall and winter. From Victoria Beckham, Rihanna to the Kardashians, these surprisingly versatile boots can be worn to simply complete your workwear or as a statement piece for a special night out. Thigh high boots are a staple in our Cape Robbin closet, and we have the formula to wear them all season long. 


Cape Robbin Work It thigh high boots available on Flashybox.com

The Work It thigh high boots

We don’t need to conform to the office dress code just yet. This is for the beauties who want to add a little attitude and sophistication during their workdays. Among the Cape Robbin boots selection, Sex and City is our most versatile piece that can be worn with different fabrics and shapes.

While thigh high boot can elevate the sex appeal, balance it with sophistication by wearing loose silhouettes, boxy shift or oversized sweaters. Try pairing our boots with a midi dress, or a collared shirt dress for the “I just woke up like this” look.


Get the look Black Thigh High boots  - Work It by Cape Robbin Available on Flashybox.com

Go monochrome. Add a subtle high-fashion drama with Kim Kardashian inspired monochromatic look. Hue-on-hue layering such as black on black keeps you cool and looking savvy all day in the office. During the cooler months, keep it casual with a statement coat, our Sex and City heels like Amal Clooney.  Long or oversized coats thrown over your thigh high boots adds another high-class glamour to your outfit. Keep it looser on the top while going tight or slim on the bottoms. Add a beanie to bring the street chic vibe to the office.

 Cape Robbin Sneaker thigh high boots available on Flashybox.com

The Sneaker thigh high boots

Sneaker high boots take your outfit to an everyday avant-garde look. The Next Century White is a stretchy lightweight geometric print that keeps your outfit interesting.

Sneaker thigh high boots paired with a jersey - get the look!

We love pairing these with large sports jersey or adding a little vinyl or leather shorts to bring a little edge to the outfit. Looking to add a tailored flair? Throw on some tights and a long coat to your short shorts for a casual night out. Dress it up with a crisp white collared shirt and a slim tailored coat.


Cape Robbin Toxic thigh high boots available on Flashybox.com 

The Show Stopper thigh high boots  

These thigh high boots are not for the faint-of-heart. The made to impress, revenge bod worthy thigh high boots is a homage to your confidence.  Wear them loud and proud and go with these slightly higher Cape Robbin boots.


Get the look Fashion tip for Toxic thigh high boots by Cape Robbin

Let’s get the formation started with our favorite piece, Toxic.  Snakeskin thigh high boots are the hottest trend on the runway and ready to wear all season long.  Wear these on top of black leggings or jeans, top it with your favorite tee to spice up your day. Add a little leather vest or a coat for a cool night out.



Cape Robbin Mini 80 thigh high boots available on Flashybox.com

Solidly silver statement

Our Cape Robbin Mini 80 is anything but mini. You don’t need to do much with these silver stems and is a perfect complement to your plain wear. Add the boots to your navy midi dress for an unexpectedly high fashion look.

Get the look - Cape Robbin Mini 80 silver thigh high boots                                                        

Super charge your attitude and wear it with a white beater and shorts.  Don’t be afraid to wear it with a body suite and add an oversized slouchy jacket for an extra sex appeal.


Cape Robbin Firebird thigh high boots available on Flashybox.com

Cape Robbin thigh high boots go country

“These boots were made for walkin’”. Western wear rode back into town and we got your country meets city streets just for you. The red thigh high boots Firebird is for the stylish, fearless cowgirl stomping through well…anywhere she damn well pleases.  Who says country stays in the country? Western wear is high fashion. Wear it like diplo, go with short shorts or over your favorite skinny jeans.

 Cape Robbin Outko thigh high boots available on Flashybox.com

Patterned Cape Robbin thigh high boots

If you love stripes, you’ll fall in love with our Outko thigh high boots. These are super cute with a simple outfit and can be the key to your next wardrobe. Wear these with an all jeans look, make these pops with a simple top. Wear it over your white jeans and a supersize t-shirt for an all-white outfit for summer.  Our Outko in black is perfect for summer festivals and carnival nights. Wear these out with ripped denim shorts and a cowboy hat.

The thigh high boots tips

It may seem the thigh high boots are a daunting prospect, but we’ve given a makeover to make high fashion more low-key accessible.  With our Cape Robbin thigh high boots, DO:

  • Thigh high boots and dress. Do consider wearing your over-the-knee boots with minimalist outfits like a plain midi dress as these always leads to the coolest looks. Simplicity is a great option in any choice of style with thigh high boots. Wear it with a loose-fitting shift dress during the day time, and opt for a high neckline hip-hugging dress for a date night.
  • Thigh high boots and skirt. We love a mini skirt combination. Leave a bit to the imagination by maintaining about 5 inches from the boots top. Midi skirt is a good alternative to look prim and posh for daytime posh.
  • Thigh high boots and jeans. Thigh high boots elevate your classic jeans look all day long.  Wear them with your skinny short shorts or jean jumpers. Play with the proportion and juxtapose your pieces.  Do wear them short shorts but go for a longer top or layer with a vest. Do wear your favorite tight-fitting skinny jeans and tie a knot in a loose-fitting shirt to balance your outfit.
  • Thigh high boots and a statement coat. Temper the diva during the day with a minidress layered with a trench or an oversized coat, a great option for workwear.
  • Decorative thigh high boots. Patterned boots can dress up or down your outfit. Going to a state fair or attending a July fourth bash? Wear it with a T-shirt dress and look unexpectedly festive and cool.
  • Thigh high boots and tights. Wear tights to look dressed up or to keep warm.  Color match your pantyhose with your boots. For example, black looks great with a black pantyhose, for nude boots go for lighter colored pantyhose.

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