Crazy Colored High Heels for Your Next Party

When it comes to our favorite accessory the fashion mantra this year is “more is more”. Vibrant colored high heels, embellishments, straps and geometric shapes make a debut on the runways and red carpets. Have fun with shoe colors, mix and match for a head-turner party wear this summer. Be bold and flamboyant without looking like a fashion disaster with some of our favorite color edits.

Cape Robbin Step Up in Lime

1) Cape Robbin - Highlighters Clear High Heels

It’s getting bright in here. Neon lights are everywhere in the red carpets with lime high heels and yellow high heels quickly becoming the favorite showstopper wear. Don’t be afraid to take the neon to a more formal affair, like Chanel Iman. Pull together an all neon look with a tonal minidress with our Cape Robbin Step Up Heels.

Versatile Neon Heels

Another reason we love neon high heels is that they are surprisingly versatile. You can wear them from casual to formal outings and gives your outfit an energy boost. Color hues like bright blue, coral pink and white are especially complimentary to neon.

Speechless Heel by Cape Robbin available at

We love the Speechless clunky high heels. It’s playful, sporty, not to mention comfortable. Work the neon to your advantage and pair them with bright blue trousers like Ashlee Graham for an effortless look to your next lunch soiree.  For the pop of color, go for a white monochrome ensemble like Bella Hadid and wear a white T-shirt dress with it.


Tangerine High Heel by Cape Robbin available at

2) Cape Robbin - Tangerine Heels

It’s no wonder orange was named the color of the year by Pantone Color Institute.  A color that symbolizes happiness, nourishment, and energy, incorporating orange high heels into your outfit brings a playful vibe and surprising hack to achieving a fresh look. From major designers like Prada to Versace, we see orange in strappy heels like the Viper pop up to flatter any outfit. Be the start of the show and wear these out with a black slip dress to your next party.


Dive In High Heel by Cape Robbin available at

Don’t let the warm, sunny hue fool you. Orange can be edgy and sleek. If you are looking for something more eclectic to you next party,  try the Dive In. The velcro and belt buckle details give your outfit a futuristic twist. Wear these out with biker shorts, oversized button-down blouse and a fun belt for a Jeremy Scott inspired look.


In the Clear High Heel Shoes by Cape Robbin available at

3) In the clear

Kim Kardashian favorite is back.  The naked, or PVC shoe is everywhere this summer with a new sexy twist.  Sophisticated and sublime, our Cinderella mule high heel hits the mark with class.  One of Flashybox favorites, you can pair these to a  cocktail bar or a black tie affair.


Cape Robbin High Heel - Skins available at

Take it up a notch with our open toe strappy ankle high heels, Skins that hugs your feet in all the right places. Wear these virtually invisible shoes, and your favorite dress will be the hero of the outfit.  


Paint High Heel Shoes by Cape Robbin available at

Another trend worth noting popping up on the runway is the tinted PVC that takes the see-through heels to the next level. Add a pop of color with Paint, the tangerine orange heel to zest up your part wear.


Cape Robbin - Lucid High Heel Shoes available at

4)Black heels reimagined

We all own some form of black heels or another. But solid black high heels are SO 2018. Black heels this summer is anything but conventional.  Enhanced features such as geometric shapes, textures, straps, and lucid heels are traditional black heels reimagined.

Kylie Jenner in blacck Dress with Lucid Style Heels

Cape Robbin Evening heels were made for a wow factor when going to your next party. The see-through block heels with velvet straps have you breathing old Hollywood with a flair. One of our more formal black heels, wear these out to an evening event like a cocktail party or a wedding.  We love the Kylie combination of a strappy black lucid heel with a satin dress.


Floss High Heel Shoes by Cape Robbin available at

You can’t talk about heels without the floss heels trend that is everywhere this season. Floss heels are the skinny, barely-there straps that are refreshingly fun and chic.  This is the obvious choice if you want to bring a little heat to your next party.  

One of the cult favorites among Cape Robbin high heels, the ADA black heels is a seductive minimalist pair that can take your party dress to a new level of risky. Slay with our ADA and war them out with short mini white dress or better yet, black biker shorts. It adds a touch of vixen to the look, perfect for any party outing.


Cape Robbin - Standout High Heel Shoes available at

Shine bright like a diamond for your next party. Add a little bling to your feet and paint the town red with Cape Robbin favorite, Standout.  Embellishments are made for those special moments when you want to sparkle and be seen.

Your stems are the star when you wear these out. With crystal diamonds and open toe stilettos, you’ll look deliciously expensive and be the main attraction for your next event.

Feathered high heel shoes from Cape Robbin available on

5) Cape Robbin feathery heaven shoes

Kylie. Lizzo, Zendaya. Rita. We saw feather embellishments from every color and length at the Met Gala 2019 and NYC fashion week. Feathers are the perfect garnish on our feet and the icing to our casual to formal wears.  The  Cape Robbin feathered heels have plenty of fringes to choose from, so go on, take a peek.


Aster High Heel Shoes by Cape Robbin available at

Add a little drama to your party outfit with colorful wings. This season, there is no such thing as too many feathers. Wear the zesty yellow ASTER heels out with a kimono throw and wear your brightest belts like Riri.   

Feather trimmed pink heels? Yes, please. It’s time to have some fun with alternative party outfit with Aves. Wear these out with a simple slip dress or embellish skirt.


Cape Robbin - Lemon High Heels available on

6) Lemons high heel shoes

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Yellow is one of the brightest fascinating colors and the hottest trends hitting the streets this summer.  Our yellow heel, Neon Lights pairs amazingly with all the shades of black, blue, white or green.  The yellow hue adds a feminine touch perfect for short, flowy dress or a shape fitting skirt for your next party.

Yellow is a great tone to mix and match patterns with your outfit.  Try it with some prints and patterns to make your feet stand out.  Wear these with navy stripe or black skirt and go for the flirty fun vibe to your next party.



When it comes to the shoe trend this year keep it fun by adding a splash of color to your feet.  Pick your favorite colors and mix and match with your party outfits and you can do no wrong. Need some more inspirations and how to wear colors this summer? Check out some tips at stylewe.

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