⚠️An Important Message to our Flashy Babes | Flashybox Health & Safety Update

With all the recent news going around now's the right time to start taking measures to stay healthy & safe! After all we want you fierce Fashionistas to stay looking good so we can keep doin' what we love, having fun with FASHION! Here are a few tips we've put together to keep you and all your crew nice and safe!

TIP #1 Social Distance. Embrace your space and keep your distance when out and about!

TIP #2 Wash dem hands gurl.💦 Make sure you wash them frequently and tell those germs to move on! 

TIP #3 Hold off on the sharing. We know you were told to share when you 

TIP #4 Drink that H2O! 💧 This will help prevent you from getting dehydrated, which means less chance of you coming down with something. 

TIP #5 Don't forget your beautyrest! I mean I know you don't really need it, because let's face it you're a babe.😉💋  However, making sure you're well rested is essential to keeping that immune system going strong! 

These are our top tips to help keep you and your crew safe. Don't forget to stay in touch with us on social media, and let's help each other get through this!


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