How To Organize Your Shoes Like a Pro!

Hey Flashy Babes! By now we know you probably have quite the shoe collection going on. I mean how can you not? Styles always seem to just call your name and to be honest you have no regrets about it either. Now that you have your fabulous collection what are you going to do with all those beauties storage wise?

Your styles are way too beautiful and precious to be tossed aimlessly in the back of your closet or shoved under your bed. Today we're going to be talking about shoe organization and our top tips on how to organize your shoes like a pro!

Organizing your shoes can be beneficially for a few reasons:
  • You'll actually know where everything is!

  • You can visually see all you have at a glance. 

  • It gives them their moment and puts them on display.  

While we'd love to give you the magic secret on how exactly organize your space, unfortunately there is no one size fits all solution. Everyone's particular room and closet space can vary, so this is something you'll need to figure out on your own. And babe, don't stress about getting it perfect the first time around, as you add more styles you may need to make some adjustments or perhaps you'll discover other ways you can improve your setup. It's something you can ongoingly work on and tweak till you get a solution that is perfect for you!

 1) Organize by COLOR

First let's talk color. There are a few ways you can go about it. No matter which method you choose the main thing is there is some type of order to them and that it makes since. This will not only be super appealing to look at, but it will also help you out when you're putting back a style or if you need to add any new styles into the mix.

  • Light to Dark (Start with you lightest colors and gradually move on to the midtones and then eventually the deepest colors towards the end)
  • Rainbow (Order all your colored shoes in the order of the colors in the rainbow. For pastel or jewel toned colors place them by similar colors like pink next to red) 
  • Group by Colors (Create designated color groups such as cool colors, warm colors, pastels, jewel tones, multicolor, neutrals)

 2) Organize by TEXTURE

Another way to sort out your styles is by texture. Now what is texture? When you run your hand over different shoe materials you may notice some have a different unique feel to them. Some are super soft, while others are course and rough. This is texture.  A few common types of texture are suede, leather and snakeskin.

  • Soft to Rough Textures (Start with your softer more delicate textures like lace and then gradually move on to medium textures like snakeskin,  then gradually move on to rougher rigid textures like sequins the end)
  • Group by Texture (Create different texture groups such as lace, leather, snakeskin, sequins)

3) Organize by HEIGHT

Love shoes of all shapes and sizes? Don't we all? Organizing your shoes by height is a must. This will make your setup super pleasing to look at plus will also help you out when trying to find a particular pair of shoes.

  • Short to Tall (Start with your shoes that are lowest to the floor and work your way up! This usually begins with flats or slides then you can work your way up to kicks or espadrilles and so on until you get to the highest shoe like a thigh high. The point of this method is to really focus on the height of the shoe itself)
  • Heel Height (Instead of organizing by the height of the shoe sort your styles by the height of the heel. Wanna narrow it down even more? Place your shoes in order by the thickness of the heel. Start out with stilettos and keep on going till you get to your thickest heel)

    4) Organize by STYLE

    Like height, organizing by style is another must. Organizing by color, texture, height are great, but the thing that really ties it all together is when you sort them by style.

    • Categorize (Separate your shoes into different categories by style type and organize similar categories next to each other. Start with your shoes that are lowest to the floor and work your way up! 
    • Create A Flow (Simply having the shoes separated by style isn't quite enough. To really make everything fit right into place you want there to be a flow and order to where the styles are placed. An easy method for this is to go from most open styles to most covered styles.  An example of this would be to go from sandals to pumps to boots. Sandals show lots of skin and are more open, a classic pump covers most of the foot but the upper top of the foot and leg are still exposed and then boots cover the whole foot and part of the leg.)

    5) Organize by KEY FEATURES

    Are you a lace-up fanatic? Do you love all things embellished? If you notice you obviously have a type, and often buy shoes with certain features why not keep those together? 
    • Types of Closures (Think Buckles, Lace-up and Wrap Around Straps. Any type of closer that stands out and adds a bit of flair to the look.)
    • Embellishments (Styles with 3-D decorative pieces like rhinestones, studs and spikes)
    • Statement Details (Bows, patches and all those little details that really make a style unique)

    So those are our top tips on how to organize your shoe collection! We hope that you give this some of these methods a try and we bet you'll come up with some fun ideas on how to organize your space. And if you do decide to to give some our shoe organization tips a try be sure to share it with us! We'd love to see it! Tag us (@flashybox or #flashybox) on social media.

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