How to Pull Off Women’s Lace Up Boots Like a Boss

Closely associated with the Victorian era, women’s lace up boots were a style often seen throughout the 1800’s and it is a look that remains popular today. They continued to be worn in the 1950’s, experienced a revival in the 1980’s and are loved by fans of steampunk fashion today.

Because these women’s boots have an extra design element, that being their lace up fronts, some sort of consideration should be made when choosing an outfit that will work well with the style. This article will review different types of women’s lace up boots to give you ideas on how you can pull them off like a boss.

The way you style your lace up boots will depend on several factors including the style and height of the heel as well as how high the boot comes up on the leg. Here are style suggestions for different types of lace up boots.

Cape Robbin thigh high lace up boots

Lace Up Thigh High Boots

Lace up thigh high boots will come up to the thigh and have laces going all the way up. They can feature a high or low heel.

These boots are often fitted and, due to the detail, you will want to wear them so that the whole boot is visible. Therefore, they will go well with a short skirt, shorts, or tight pants.

Lace up thigh high boots really make a statement so they are best when worn out on the town, but they can also be suitable for formal events where a more alternative look is acceptable. Though a heel may elevate the style a bit, these boots will always be a showstopper and may not work well with an every day look unless you are prepared to halt traffic!


Finch Platform Heel Lace Up boot by Cape Robbin

Lace Up Heel Boots

A lace up heel boots can be defined as any boot that laces up and has a heel. These women’s lace up boots can come up to the knee or to the ankle.

If you wear a lace up heel boot that comes up to the knee, you will want to follow the same fashion rules as you would with a thigh high boot. That is to say, the boots should be visible. Therefore, these will also go well with skirts, shorts, dresses and tight jeans. However, when it comes to skirts, the skirt length can be a bit longer to hit the top of the boots, if you prefer.  

If you are wearing shorter lace up heel boots, you can throw pants into the mix. Some may wear pants that even fall over the top of the shoe, but for a cleaner line, try to roll up pants to show the entire shoe or wear tight pants that will hit nicely at the top of the shoe.

High heeled shoes will always give a more formal look. Knee high boots have a showy look which makes them more suitable for a night on the town. Ankle high women’s lace up boots can have a dressy look when worn with a dress, heels or a skirt. They can also be worn with jeans to elevate a daytime look.

Cape Robbin Urban chunky heel lace up low ankle boot

Ankle High Lace Up Boots

There are several Cape Robbin lace up boots that feature a heel and are ankle high that make for a great day to nighttime transition. One example is the Blood Thirst. These come in a great lizard print on solid. The brown on brown and black on black versions provide a bit more of a toned-down look that can work well when clubbing or can even be acceptable at offices with a more casual dress code.

The more colorful black version elevates the look with a metallic snakeskin that just screams, take me out for a night on the town!

Another one of Cape Robbin's women’s lace up boots that features a heel and lace up the front is the Finch. These are great because they have a sturdy, almost athletic sole and come in adorable neon colors that make them the perfect day to night transition. They are available in pink, green and black with a multi-color print.

Cape Robbin Ace lace up flats boots

Lace Up Flats Boots

Another style of lace up boots for women are those that feature a flat heel. These are perfect for an adorable winter look and can be seen on work boots, combat boots, Oxford boots and more.

Lace up flats give a more casual look, but they are an elevated alternative to sneakers and are usually warmer and often just as comfortable.

Lace up flats can be worn with jeans for a great everyday look, or you can add them to dresses and boots to turn your look up a notch making them perfect for work or more casual nights out.

Cape Robbin has a wide variety of lace up flats. One style that is particularly adorable is the Ace. Even though this boot would technically be considered a flat, the heel is nice and chunky, so it gives you a little bit of height.

These women’s lace up boots are flashier than most. They come in black and leopard print with a bejeweled flame design going up the sides. This gives them a great day to nighttime look that should not be hidden by long pants!

Cape Robbin Calvin low ankle heel lace up boot for women

Another Cape Robbin lace up boot that works well day or night is the Calvin. These also feature a very low heel that offers comfort and just the right amount of height. The boots come in brown and black and feature a glittery sheen. The brown pair gives off an elegant look that can work well in the office or the night clubs. The black is a bit more glam and may be best for nighttime wear.

Women’s lace up boots have endured the test of time. The various heel heights and length of the boots can make them perfect for a variety of styles and events. Now that you know how to rock this style, you can be prepared for whatever life throws at you!

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