Let'z Lounge! | Why Everyone Loves Furry Slider Sandals

Hey Flashy Babes,

By now it's no secret that furry slider sandals have taken over our instagram feed! They've become the ultimate go-to casual sandal and for good reason. They are the perfect crossover between a cozy bedroom slipper and lavish couture footwear. I mean, how could you not be obsessin' over em'? Here are just a few reasons why furry slides are one of our favs!

1) They are Soooooo Cozy!

When you slip into a pair of furry slides your gorgeous pedicured feet will feel like they're resting on cloud. The bedding of the sandal feels like it was literally made for your foot and soft texture keep them nice n snug.

2) Colors for Days

Can't decide on a color for you? No problem, furry slides come in practically every color of the rainbow, plus  theres always multicolor for you babes that just can't settle on one color.

3) A Different Texture for Every Mood

That's right, not only do these charming slides come in a multitude of colors they are also available in different textures! Some of the fur has a clean cut look to it while others have more of a poof appearance and honestly we're not opposed to any option. All varieties are equally adorable.

4) They Complement Every Outfit

Looking for dream shoe that goes with everything? Furry slides are the queens of versatility! Style them anywhere from your favorite lounge wear to a sexy cocktail dress! They can be dressed up, down and anything in between!

So those are our top reasons why you need soft furry slides in your lyfe. We hope you give this trend a try and if you have a hawt lewks to show us featuring your flashybox furry slider sandals be sure to tag us (@flashybox or #flashybox) and share it with us on social media! We'd love to see it!


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