Most Wanted Summer Flipflops and Sandals

Summer is around the corner and we can’t wait to break out our toes and be sun-kissed.  Whether you are looking for the perfect flip flops or sandals for a beachy getaway, be sure to check out these popular trends.  We have the summer flipflops and sandals that’s been all over Instagram this week.

Cape Robbin Thorn Sandals

Gladiator Sandals

There is a reason why we love our gladiators and the trend keeps coming back. Perhaps it’s the modern take on the archaic, warrior look that we love so much, but if you don’t own one, you’ll want to.


Cape Robbin Hydra Sandals

Thigh high gladiator are sexy and the perfect weapon to show off your legs. Wear these out with short shorts, and fringes. If you’re not into thigh high sandals, simply opt for a lower gladiator sandal like our Hydra. Available in neutral and black, we’ve added studs to remake the gladiator sandals for a lux fashion wear.

Cape Robbin Bumble Bee Tourist Sandals

Tourist sandals

Fashionistas everywhere are predicting the most popular 2019 trend to be the Teva inspired tourist sandal. Go camp with these super comfy athleisure Bumble Bee, it’s buzzing with stripes and sneaker-inspired soles. Wear these with or without socks.


Cape Robbin Hey Judy Floss Sandals

Floss sandals

For something more refined and sexier, look no further than the floss inspired sandals.  Skimpier the better, more straps the better. The straps add allure and can play dress up to any outfit. The Hey Judy hits the trendy note with vibrant neon, lime, gold or basic black.


Cape Robbin Lorenzo Floss Sandals

Bring a little romanticism with pastel. The vanilla undertones of the Lorenzo sandal in baby blue or sage gives a touch of softness to your outfit that can elevate your looks from daytime to evening wear. 

Rhianna modelling sandals similar to Cape Robbin Lorenzo Sandals

Wear these out with a flowy dress or take it to work like Rhianna and pair your favorite blazer or a suite dress.


Cape Robbin Spring Swirl Cha Cha Sandals

Cha Cha sandals

Vogue calls these the easy to wear, pack-and-go hero slides that can be the savior of your outfit, and we totally agree!  As always, the Cape Robbin sandals are edgy, fun and bring a little attitude.

Let’s talk about our love for prints (faux of course). The exotic touch continues to be loved by influencers and fashion gurus everywhere. Meet the Spring Swirl available in snake prints and  vivacious colors. These are super easy to throw in your tote and match them with practically any color.


Cape Robbin Alma Cha Cha Sandals 

Crocodile prints were a reoccurring theme on the runways this year.  What we love about the faux-croc sandals are that they can make any outfit look a little polished and expensive.  If you are looking to bring a little luxury to your outfit, consider a shoe with the croc detail like the Alma.  The belt buckle and beaded details add major lux vibe this summer.


Cape Robbin Her Mess Cha Cha Sandals

Nothing feels like vacation like the classic Santorini sandals. The slip-on sandals were made for days when you don’t want to think about what to wear on your feet to look chic.  Our popular Santorini sandal,  Her Mess is on trend with an opaque look that adds an invisible femininity to your wardrobe.


Cape Robbin Crime Glow Cha Cha Sandals

The summer isn’t complete without a major pop of color. If you’re looking for major color, look no further than the Crime Glow. It comes in bubble gum colors that are delicious when paired with jeans or a bikini hanging out poolside. It’s all about the vibrant, bright colors this summer, so be sure to grab a few.


Cape Robbin Danger Birkenstock Style Sandals

Birkenstock style sandals

It’s fascinating to see the rugged granola slides coming back into fashion. For those people that love them, it’s a cult.  If you are feeling a little bit curious about this trend, keep reading. You’ll be surprised at how many celebrities and fashion icons are loving these sliders and how versatile it can be.

Modelling a birkenstock style sandal similar to the Cape Robbin Danger sandal

Whether you love them or on the fence, the jungle-inspired Danger adds spice to your outfit.  The Birkenstocks can be the star of your outfit by wearing these out with an all-white ensemble like white tee and jeans, or linen pants.

Another reason fashion loves Birkenstock is because it adds a boyish, masculine touch to an outfit.  It’s a gender fluid shoe that makes it unconventional, unexpected, and therefore fashion forward.


Cape Robbin Floating Candy Birkenstock Style Sandals

Toss your office heels aside for the Birkenstock inspired Floating Candy that can be easily worn with relaxed fit suits or shorts and a blazer. It’s great to pair with any type of suit or a tuxedo jacket for a cut look.


Cape Robbin Boa Babe Wedge Sandals

Wedges Sandals

We can’t talk about sandals without mentioning wedges. While everyone has opinions about wedges, this year’s Coachella showed us that wedge sandals with a slight iteration are everyone’s favorite. We particularly love the lucid soles trend popping up everywhere this summer.  The Boa Babe comes in neon or multicolor with a snake print inspiration and can be worn with a flowy dress or simply, jeans.

Cape Robbin Statement Sandals

Statement sandals

Embellishments and lux details bring class and drama to any outfit.  If you are looking to wear sandals for a more formal occasion or simply want to get noticed, we’ve got a few of our favorite statement flip flops and sandals to wear this summer.

Model wearing similar sandals as the Cape Robbin Milana Statement Sandals

Ever wonder how celebrities make a white t-shirt and jeans look expensive and chic? Sure, there are few minor factors like the slight t-shirt tuck with jeans, but it’s arguably the shoes, especially the shoes with some major bling factor.

Cape Robbin Milana Statement Sandals

Our Milana makes a debut with a glittery Italian design for a major lux look. Go major Statement with gems and rhinestones that can transform any outfit.


Cape Robbin Sandal 1 Feathery Statement Sandals

We can’t stop talking about feathers this year. From major designer like Valentino to Dries Van Noten, feathered embellishments showed up in a bunch of color rays and lengths. Prepare to slay with our favorite  Sandal 1 available in multiple shades. It’s all about experimentation this year, so go on, wear these out with a slip or floral dress. Wear it cool with jeans and kimono wrap.


When it comes to flip flops and sandals this year, there are few key pieces that are worth investing.  Teva and Santorini inspired sandals are practical and can be worn every day.  For a classic look that can go into the office, floss heel inspired sandal is a must this year.  You can never go wrong with embellishments like glitter, gems, and snake or crock faux prints that can make your basic outfits stand out.

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