Stylish Flats for Work and On the Town

Throughout the years, women have seen fashions come and go. Today, the trend seems to revolve around comfort and practicality. That’s why women’s flats are in.

A great pair of women’s flats can go straight from the office to a night on the town, so you don’t have to take the time to go home to change or even go through the hassle of having to lug another pair to work with you. This article will take a look at some flat shoes for women that are perfect for a day in the office and a night on the town.

What to look for in women's flats

If you are the type of woman who is one the go and needs women’s flats that are ready to go with her, there are a few things you should look for in a shoe. These include:

Cape Robbin - Noel  - Comfy women's flats available on
(picture Cape Robbin Noel Women's Flat shoes)

Comfort: Remember, you are going to be wearing these for a full day, so they better be comfortable. Doing without a high heel can be key to comfort, but it is also important to look out for straps that don’t pinch and constrict.

Pointed toe flats can make for a great look but may also pinch the front of the foot. Be sure the flat you select does not put too much pressure on the metatarsalgia area.  


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(pictured: Cape Robbin Fluffy Fluffy flat sandal)

Look: If you are looking for a women’s flats that can go from the office to a night on the town you want ones with a versatile look that are not too flashy or too plain.

Consider buying flats for women that have a practical style but a color that puts them over the edge. The Cape Robbin Spring Swirl is recommended as a style that goes with everything but comes in bright tones and metallics that make them pop.

Of course, some will prefer more neutral colors that go with everything. Beige, brown or black flats can complement almost any outfit. Women’s flats that feature an interesting style but are toned down by a neutral can be great for office to nighttime transitions. If you’re looking for Cape Robbin flats that offer this style, the Leela is highly recommended.

Cape Robbin Trio Flats available on
(pictured: Cape Robbin Trio Women's Flat shoe)

Durability: If your shoes are going from office to nightclub, you want to make sure they are durable. Look for a thick sole and well-constructed materials. Flexible uppers are another plus when it comes to making sure your shoes will withstand the test of time.


Cape Robbin Opal Womens Flat Shoe available on
(pictured: Cape Robbin Opal Women's Flat)

Types of Women’s Flats

There are many types of women’s flats, almost too many to note, but here are few of the more common varieties.  

Ballet Flats: These are light, flat shoes so named because they resemble ballet shoes.

Oxford Shoes: Oxfords are simple, closed toe shoes that’s identifying characteristic is their shoe lace eyelets.

Brogues: Quite similar to Oxfords, brogues are identical in design but feature decorative patterns on the toe and other parts of the shoe.

Espadrille: More of a summer or spring shoe, espadrilles are usually made from canvas and feature a plaited fiber sole. They can be open or closed toe.

Loafers: These are closed, slip on shoes that do not have any type of lacing or fastening system.

Sneakers: It goes without saying that most know what a sneaker is. In British culture, these can either be plimsolls, a low tech athletic shoe with a canvas upper and rubber sole, or a trainer when referring to more serious athletic footwear. 

Sandals: A sandal is a type of shoe with an open toe that features straps that fasten them to the foot.

Boots: Boots are typically closed toe and characterized by the fact that they have a higher top that extends up the leg. Boots can be flat or high heeled.

Of course, there are many features these shoes can have that can allow us to create subcategories for them as well as other types of shoes that can be flat or high heeled, but these styles represent the basics.


Cape Robbin Leela Women's Flats shoes available on

Getting a Day and Nighttime Look for Your Flat Shoes for Women

Now that you have the perfect flats to transition from day to nighttime, it’s time to get together a look that will make your outfit complete. When looking for an clothing that is appropriate for the office but also will turn heads at a nighttime affair, classic high fashion is the way to go. Keeping that in consideration, here are some terrific ideas for day to nighttime looks.

Jeans: If your office isn’t too formal, a quality, well-fitting pair of jeans will always look great. Pair your jeans with a dressy top or a little strappy number that you can wear with a jacket at work and remove later in the evening.

A Dress: A cute dress can be perfectly acceptable in the office and still look great at night. A dress with a long, fitted bottom is formal enough for day and sexy enough for nighttime fun. A fun, flirty dress that comes just above the knee can also make a great transition, especially if worn with a sweater at work.

Trousers: Wide leg trousers can add length that can make for a great professional look and be perfectly alluring at night. Pair your trousers with a strappy tank and a jacket or blouse for daytime that you can strip off later in the day.

Black: All black is always a great day to night transition. Formal enough for the office, just add some key pieces of jewelry and touch up makeup so it is a bit more dramatic and you are ready for the clubs!

In our busy lives, there often just isn’t time to stop off at home to get changed for a night on the town. But with a great pair of women’s flats, you’ve already made a move that offers the best in comfort and convenience. Which style will you be wearing to make for a great daytime look that will give you that perfect nighttime allure?

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