Stylish Summer Sandals Perfect for Lounging at the Pool

Summer is coming fast and it’s time to update with a great summer wardrobe. Women’s sandals are a must as they give your feet plenty of room to breathe when the weather heats up. They are also perfect for lounging poolside because you can slip them on and off easily when you decide you want to take a dip!

This season, there are plenty of options when it comes to stylish women’s sandals you will want to be wearing. Here are some women’s sandals we recommend for lounging at the pool this summer.


Women’s Slides for the Pool

Slides are defined as a backless, open toed sandals. When it comes to women’s pool sandals, these are perfect because they are so easy to get on and off.

If you are looking at Cape Robbins sandals, there are several slides to choose from. These include the following.

Cape Robbin Super Snake sandals on

Cape Robbin Super Snake: The Super Snake is perfect because it is made of a water-resistant material that comes in bright colors like hot pink, emerald green and sunshine yellow.

Cape Robbin Blazing Star sandals on

Cape Robbin Blazing Star: If you are looking for shoes that are great women’s pool sandals but can also transition to an elegant nighttime look, try the Blazing Star. These metallic beauties come in a variety of jewel tones like purple, gold and lavender.

Cape Robbin Maya sandals on

Cape Robbin Maya: Another option in women’s sandals for the summer is the Maya. Also a slide, these are easy to take on and off at the pool but can also be great for the office. Color choices include a neutral brownish gold and black.


Cape Robbin Crime Glow Jelly Sandals for sale on

Jellies Sandals

When it comes to women’s sandals for lounging poolside, jellies are another option that is ideal. They are made of a waterproof material that holds up well to moisture, so you don’t have to worry about your feet being totally dry when you put them back on.

Cape Robbin Catch One sandals on

Cape Robbin Catch One: Cape Robbins has terrific varieties in jellies including their Catch One. These are bejeweled with gems and a tiger head so they can even be worn in more formal settings. They come in great colors like off white, soft pink, black and clear.

Cape Robbin Jello Shot sandals on

Cape Robbin Jello Shot: For the best of both worlds, try the Jello Shot. These Cape Robbins sandals feature a jelly like, waterproof material and a slide style that makes them perfect for the pool. They also come in exciting colors like fuschia, royal blue and bright amber.


Gladiator flats like Cape Robbin Thorn available on

Gladiators Sandals 

These women’s sandals may not be as ideal for poolside lounging but the Gladiator is a style that has been popular for the past few years and current trends dictate, they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Named for the sandals worn by Roman gladiators, these are characterized by their fact that they snake up the leg, sometimes to the ankle and sometimes all the way to the knee.

Cape Robbin Thorn sandal available on

Cape Robbin Thorn: Cape Robbins has some great gladiator sandals including their Thorn model. Going all the way up to the knee, these have all the glamour of a gladiator but the comfort of a flat. Adorned with square spikes, these strappy numbers come in great colors like black, red, tan and yellow.

Cape Robbin Hydra sandal available on

Cape Robbin Hydra: The Hydra is a Cape Robbins gladiator similar to The Thorn but it only comes up to the ankle. Like The Thorn, it also features square spikes. It comes in tan and black.

Cape Robbin Emily sandal available on

Cape Robbin Emily: The Emily is another terrific Cape Robbins gladiator. This style goes up to the ankles and features different colored straps. Choose from ones that with a bright palette of colors to add a pop to any outfit or go for more neutral tones that will go with just about anything.


Cape Robbin Gardener Sandal in Yellow available on

Other Women’s Sandals

Women’s sandals can be great for poolside wear because they are so easy to get on and off. While slides are ideal in this capacity, many women want sandals that have support in the back. These sandals are perfect for transitioning from poolside to errand-running to work-related activities. Here are some Cape Robbins styles that are easy to take off and put on and offer the support most busy women need.

Cape Robbin Maxine Sandal available on

Cape Robbin Maxine: The Maxine is a sandal that makes a great poolside to every day to nighttime transition. It comes in a great water-resistant vinyl but also has a sturdy heel and a strap that fastens securely around the ankle. Its detailed soles make it a standout when it comes to style. It comes in bright red, black and tan.

Cape Robbin J.V. Sandal available on

Cape Robbin J.V: If you want more of a sporty look, the J.V. may be the choice for you. It has a sturdy athletic heel and plenty of straps to ensure your foot is secure. It comes in beige and a bold red, white and blue. It is the perfect shoe for when lounging poolside becomes ‘a game of volleyball anyone?’.

Cape Robbin Gardener Sandal available on

Cape Robbin Gardener: The Gardener is for those of us who like to explore our alternative sides. The chunky heel is perfect for bringing out the goth in us. But because of the shoe’s ‘croc-like’ style, it is also water resistant and it slips on and off easily for pool side fun. Choose from classic black or bright yellow.

For a fun, flirty look, check out the Cape Robbin Hey Judy. Its low heel is perfect for a day to nighttime transition. Its straps are rhinestone adorned and it comes in fun colors like bright pink, lime green, metallic gold and black.

Outfits to Complement Your Women’s Sandals

Sandals make great pool to pavement footwear. Complement them by wearing terry cloth rompers, no fuss sundresses or bathing suit cover ups that can double as streetwear over bathing suits. These outfits will be easy to take on and off and they will be ideal for when you need run out to the store for some cold drinks or snacks.

Summer is a great time for hanging out by the pool. Make the most out of your summer fun with great looking sandals that make it easy for you to lounge poolside and get up and go when you need to. Which one of these sandals are your favorite style?

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