Summer Sandal Styles For Any Occasion

Summer is finally upon us, which means it’s time to update your shoe wardrobe to show off your fresh pedicure! Different occasions call for different styles, which is why FlashyBox compiled a list of the best sandals for all of your summer plans.

From your beach vacation to Sunday brunch, there’s a style for every event. While you can get away with cheap flip-flops to keep your feet cool this summer, amp up your fashion game with designer women’s sandals to wow your friends at your next summer BBQ.

Finding summer sandal styles to fit all of your plans can be overwhelming. Continue reading to find the perfect sandals and slides for each of your summer activities.


9 Events to Show Off Your Summer Sandal Styles

Combining summer fashion with comfort can be tricky especially when it comes to shoes. Show off your designer style during your summer adventures with the following ladies sandal styles for every occasion.


Cape Robbin Coral Snake sandals for summer events available on

#1 Day at the Beach Sandals

Spending a day at the beach should be stress-free so you can soak up every moment of the summer sun, which is why we recommend going for effortless women’s summer sandal styles. The less effort, the better when it comes to style for a day at the beach.


FlashyBox Sandals Recommendation:

For an easy breezy look, go with the Coral Snake Slides. You’ll enjoy being able to slip them on and off while showing off your style. Choose a color that matches your bathing suit to take your beach look to the next level!


Cape Robbin Alma sandals for summer events available on

#2 Memorial Day BBQ Sandals

Holidays are the ideal time to try out new styles. For your Memorial Day BBQ this year, go for a style that you normally wouldn’t. If you tend to stay neutral with your shoe wardrobe, try an off-the-wall sandal! You’ll expand your horizons and maybe even find a new favorite designer in the process.


FlashyBox Sandals Recommendation:

The Alma sandals feature a unique design that’s sure to impress. With four retro colors to choose from, pair them with jeans to show them off at your Memorial Day BBQ.


Cape Robbin Blazing Star sandals for summer events available on

#3 Morning Coffee on the Deck Sandals

Whether you enjoy sipping your coffee alone or with a group of friends, start your day off on the right foot with a stylish sandal. When you look good, you feel good. We recommend going with a sandal that will become a staple in your shoe closet.


FlashyBox Sandals Recommendation:

Cape Robbin Blazing Star Sandals pair perfectly with any outfit! From jeans to a sundress, these sandals are your new summer go-to. 


Cape Robbin Statement sandals for summer events available on

#4 Brunch Sandals

Impress your squad with your summer style at your next brunch date with statement sandals that announce your presence. Whether you choose a flashy color or sandals with some sparkle or a little bit of both, your designer style will not be overlooked.


FlashyBox Sandals Recommendation:

Make everyone do a double take with these statement sandals! The rhinestones and thick sneaker sole will announce your presence when you arrive at your brunch spot. 


Cape Robbin Jello Shot sandals for summer events available on

#5 Lounging by the Pool Sandals

Out of all of the summer sandal styles, women’s slides give you the flexibility to kick them off before taking a swim or sliding them on to go get your next drink. You don’t want to damage your stylish summer sandals with water from the pool, so opting for rubber slides allows you to relax knowing your style can’t be drowned.


FlashyBox Sandals Recommendation:

The slip-on design and clear sole in the Cape Robbin Jello Shot Sandals are perfect for a day at the pool! With five colors to choose from, you’ll love the look of zig zag design in these slides.


Cape Robbin Milana sandals for summer events available on

#6 Fourth of July Party Sandals

The Fourth of July is the perfect opportunity to showcase your style. Whether it’s a family BBQ or a party with friends, show off your American spirit with some flashy designer sandals. When festive meets style, magical things can happen in the fashion world.


FlashyBox Sandals Recommendation:

Whether you’re dressing up or down for your Fourth of July plans, Cape Robbin Milana sandals are perfect for both while showing some bling with the faux diamond detail.


Cape Robbin Paula 8 sandals for summer events available on

#7 Summer Stroll Sandals

If your plans include a lot of walking, opt for summer sandal styles with plenty of comfort. You don’t want blisters to stop you from enjoying your plans and looking great. Be sure to find stylish sandals and slides in your size to avoid the pain that sometimes comes with beauty.


FlashyBox Sandals Recommendation:

The Cape Robbin Paula 8 Sandals will be the most comfortable sandals in your closet! The formed footbed and slip-on design create a classic sandal with stud elements for a cool twist.


Cape Robbin Leela 5 sandals for summer events available on

#8 Summer Wedding Sandals

Wedding season is in full swing and brings plenty of photo-ops so be sure your designer women’s sandals are ready to hit the dance floor. Combine comfort and designer style for an all-day event to complete your wedding day look.


FlashyBox Sandals Recommendation:

Cape Robbin Leela 5 Sandals feature an adjustable closure tie, maximizing comfort while flaunting designer style.


Cape Robbin J.V. sandals for summer events available on

#9 Baseball Game Sandals

While there are endless summer sandal styles to choose from, we recommend casual sandals in either a neutral color or in your team’s colors to cheer them on. Not only will you show team pride, but you’ll take center stage sporting stylish sandals.


FlashyBox Sandals Recommendation:

Combining the coolest part of sports fashion with the style of summer sandals, Cape Robbin J.V. sandals are your go-to shoes to complete your look for a summer baseball game.


Find your favorite summer sandal styles at FlashyBox! We carry the largest selection of designer sandals by Cape Robbin at affordable prices for every summer occasion.

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