The Best Ways To Wear Gold And Silver Heels

It's no secret that a pair of high heels hold a lot of power when it comes to completing an outfit, making you feel sexy and confident, and making a statement. All it takes is the right pair of shoes to feel like a true fashionista. With a pair of warm gold heels, you can show you mean business and feel like you can take on the world's largest runway. With a pair of cool silver heels, you will feel like the world is your stage and you're ready to own it. Here are the best ways to wear gold and silver heels!


Gold Heels

Unique and head-turning, a pair of gold heels is the perfect addition to your collection. Due to it being a fashion statement all on its own, you want to avoid any bold patterns when wearing these shoes. Outfits you would want to wear them with would be rich color hues like reds, blues, and purples. You could also pair them with black or white and have them look just as chic.

Gold heels aren't a shoe you would wear everyday, but they've become increasingly popular in the fashion world. You can find just about any style of heels in a gold color, which makes them very easy to wear anywhere. From the office to a party, here are some gold heels and how you can put together a look!

Cape Robbin Maeve Gold High Heels

Sundress With "Maeve"

Our Cape Robbin "Maeve" platform is a great shoe for the warmer weather. Pair any sundress or romper with this rose gold heel and you'll be ready for that rooftop or backyard party. This shoe would look amazing with a navy or deep pink/purple dress for a bridal shower, birthday party or summer celebration.


Cape Robbin Maria 2 Gold High Heels

Office Chic With "Maria 2"

Clear heels are a trend that everyone is obsessed with and this shoe is super cute for your office outfit. Whether you're sitting at a desk or running around from meeting to meeting, this shoe is comfortable and just the right amount of style to be fashion-forward AND office appropriate. With a rose gold bedding and transparent straps/heel, you can wear this shoe with just about anything. Slacks, a pencil skirt, or a flowing dress -- you name it. Say hello to the office star.


Cape Robbin Medusa Gold High Heels

A Night Out With "Medusa"

A powerful force, the Cape Robbin Medusa high heel sandals are bold and stylish with an interesting strap and buckle design. Feel like a true goddess in these sexy gold heels. This shoe is ideal for date night or dancing the night away with your girls.

You can wear this shoe with a dress for a safer look or you can take your style up a notch and go for a pair of distressed, cropped jeans. For the top, you can try something edgy like a graphic t-shirt or let the shoes do the talking and go for a solid top. Whatever way you choose to go, all eyes will be on you.


Cape Robbin Dazed Gold High Heels

A Touch Of Gold With "Dazed"

If you're someone whose closet is mostly black or neutrals (it's most of us), a gold shoe can be the pop of color your outfit is looking for. Whether you want to go all black with a pair of jeans or neutral with a nude bodycon dress, the "Dazed" gold heel is the magic touch your look needs.


Silver Heels

If gold isn't your vibe, you can try a pair of metallic, silver heels. Silver heels are fun because they have an almost futuristic look, making them super fashion-forward. When wearing silver heels, it's best to pair them with cooler shades like black, white, navy and grey. But, pops of colors like reds, pinks and lavender make for a insta-worthy look.

Just like gold heels, silver shoes aren't a common thing to wear on the daily. When you think of silver heels you think of something formal like a wedding or dance. But, like gold, it's underrated and can definitely make for a cute and chic look. Here are some cute silver heels and how to style them.

Cape Robbin Girl's Best Friend Silver High Heels

A Girl's Bestfriend

The Girl's Bestfriend heel is everything you need if you're big on the glam. This Cinderella-like silver heel is adorable to wear both casual and dressed up. If you're looking for something casual -- this shoe can be worn with a pair of cropped jeans and an oversized button up shirt. Keep the jeans light-wash and the shirt a light shade. If you're looking for something dressed up -- you can wear this shoe with a solid dress, flowy or form fitted.


Cape Robbin Lorien Silver High Heels

Summer Sandal "Lorien"

The Lorien sandal is just what your spring/summer wardrobe needs. If you're looking to wear this shoe to an event, it would look cute with a flowy dress. If you're looking to pair this shoe with a casual outfit for coffee with friends or shopping in the city, you can wear them with a pair of shorts and a graphic t-shirt. This shoe is one that is simple and versatile, which makes it awesome for the warmer months.

Cape Robbin Mercy Silver High Heels

Stepping Out In "Mercy"

Colorful style, the Cape Robbin Mercy sandal brings a flash of color to liven up the day with amazing, iridescent details. Iridescent is a huge trend right now and takes the most boring outfit to street style in seconds. This icy, silver heel will serve all the looks.


Cape Robbin Gianna Silver High Heels

Party Ready In "Gianna"

With a black or white dress, you will look like an absolute dream in the "Gianna" silver heel. This shoe has a high platform heel and beautiful silver detailing, making it just the one you need for any party on your calendar.

Gold and silver heels are shoes you normally wouldn't think to wear. But, they're both versatile and bold choices when you're looking to take a basic outfit to the next level. Whether you're looking to complete a date look or trying to find a shoe for a big event, you can't go wrong with silver or gold heels!






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