Tribute to Cultural Icon Kobe Bryant

This past Sunday we lost basketball legend and cultural icon Kobe Bryant. His sudden passing came as an extreme shock to us all and has affected us in various ways. Kobe was not your typical athlete, in addition to establishing himself as one of the greatest basketball players in history he also impacted many on and off the court. His numerous contributions are what define his legacy and inspire others.


At a young age Kobe became an NBA sensation. His drive and resilience were like nothing anyone had ever seen, he was unstoppable force. Although his NBA accomplishments speak for themselves, they are not only what set him apart from the rest. Even when Kobe had surpassed all expectations he still thought there was room to grow and improve. Being stagnant and content was not an option for him. He continually took measures to advance himself as a player, while also taking steps to propel his team. This way of thinking got him continually recognized. It was simply fascinating to people that no matter what exceptional endeavor he undertook Kobe never felt his quest was fulfilled. He was always searching for ways he could improve and how to make his efforts even better next time.

Kobe was not only an extraordinary basketball player, he was also a world wide role model. He was the type of person that not only pushed himself to excel at everything he attempted, but he also encouraged others to be the best version of themselves. He was a driving force that believed the key to greatness is putting in the work. If you want to be great at whatever you do you must be persistent, work hard and believe in yourself. The amazing thing about his advice is that it does not solely apply to basketball, it can be implemented to anything you desire to be great at. It was this way of thinking that launched him forward and made him the man that people dream of becoming. He never gave up and pushed the boundaries of what excellence is.

Kobe Bryant taught us that the true measure of someone’s character is not always defined by their accomplishments, it can be the impact you have on the people around you. His legacy will live on in how he inspired others with his drive to continually push the boundaries for the better on everything he touched. He is someone that made his mark in history as a true icon and will be greatly missed.

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